Movilfrit M45 Counter Charcoal Grill

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  • Product Code:Movilfrit M45 Cpounter Charcoal Grill
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This Movilfrit M45 compact countertop charcoal chargrill allows authentic cooking to be brought into any kitchen. It is fully insulated preventing heat loss and can be used with any charcoal.


Use - upto 40 diners

Output - upto 50kg/hr

Cast iron interior with insulated walls allows heat to be maintained and reduces charcoal consumption

Cooking area  400 x 530mm

Different height settings allow a range of products to be cooked

Supplied with removable ash collection pan

Please note all charcoal char grills must be sited under an extraction canopy , ideally dedicated to the charcoal grill, with a large enough extract capacity to fully remove all fumes exhausted from the oven to the outside atmosphere'

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