Pomati T35 Chocolate Tempering Machine

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 perfect for large-scale chocolate and chcolates production, requiring a technologycally savvy operator.
Like all other tempering machines, the T5 yields a uniform heat distribution on chocolate, while also ensuring reduced energy consumption.

The Pomati T35 Tempering Machine is designed utilizing decades of experience combined with the best technology. Chocolate comes out with an amazing shine and thin shell for incredible truffles, bars, and snacks. The POMATI T35 Chocolate Tempering Machine is PERFECT FOR MEDIUM - TO - LARGE CHOCOLATE FACTORIES.



The Chocolate Tempering Machine can easily be cleaned by the users. All that is required is to simply remove the back to discharge chocolate. Once the machine is emptied, it can be cleaned in no more than 10 minutes.



  •   Completely AISI 304 stainless structure
  •  Tank capacity: 50 KG
  •  Programmable pedal doser
  •  Heated chocolate tank with thermostat
  •  Double heated circuit tank and archimedean screw
  •  Backflow valve to discharge chocolate
  •  Removable archimedean screw for cleaning and changeover of chocolate
  •  High precision thermostat
  •  Refrigeration unit with air cooling system
  •  Heated vibrating table
  •  380V / 60 HZ / 3 phase   3.5KW
  •  Dimensions (in mm): 710 x 880 x 1330 (h)



  • Network loading with start/stop function
  • Re-enrobing network with product vibration area
  • Unloading conveyor belt featuring a start/stop system fed by a paper roll
  • Rapid release of unloading conveyor belt for re-enrobing cart washing
  • Aluminum trays for product unloading
  • Double veil hopper for total/partial enrobing
  • Variable-speed ventilator with inverter
  • Height-adjustable blower featuring a flap top
  • Motorized tail cutter with reverse direction
  • Tank for lateral and lower enrobing with sinker
  • Product height clearance -- 160 mm
  • Variable 0-2 mt/min speed
  • Heating lamp (optional)
  • Plaxiglass Cover (optional)
  • Plexiglass cover-Seperate

  • Heating lamp-Seperate

  • Exit conveyor belt-Seperate

    Entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel
    50 kg. tank
    Programmable foot- pedal operated dispenser
    Heated and thermosealed chocolate tank
    Double heating circuit for tank, auger, and vibrating table
    Removable auger for easy cleaning and change chocolate products, reverse direction for chocolate unloading
    Thermostats to control temperature with great precision
    Refrigeration unit
    Refrigerating unit with forced-air cooling system
    400 Volt – Hz 50 – KW 3,5 Tri-phase 5 poles (customized voltages available)
    710 (880 with table) x 880 x h 1350 mm
    We use sanitizing process with all the machines produced, in all external and visible surfaces


 230 Volt - Single-phase Hz 50/60 


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