Wok cooking with the Gas Wok Table Cooker

Steel Gas Wok table cooker is a tool for the everyday caterer


This top quality Bartscher 11.5kW Stainless Steel Gas Wok Table Cooker is incredible value for money for everyday caterers, whatever the type of establishment you have. Designed to give outstanding performance, day after day, in all circumstances. Bartscher are renowned for their build quality, and their products are used throughout the world. This amazing Wok Table Cooker is the ideal accompaniment to any kitchen  and brings strong, robust reliability to the market and really is a top quality product.

This magnificent and stylish Wok Table is powerful too with an 11.5kW burner with manual ignition and is LPG ready with NG conversion jets if required making it a perfect choice for every establishment. Its compact size is ideal for table top areas with limited space and is manufactured to a very high standard in stainless steel.

PLUS, for even more convenience, the burner can be removed for easy cleaning and servicing without the need for a tool which makes this wok cooker very easy to use and maintain. This unit really is a very high quality cooker and the only choice if your looking for a professional commercial catering wok table.

Why choose a wok

Using the wok is the healthier option available to cook food as it only requires very little oil and ensures your food lands back in the pan and not on the stove when tossed during stir fry. It distributes heat more evenly that makes cooking all the more quick.

A little bit surrounding woks – these are basically the frying pans that are used for different Chinese cooking techniques like steaming, stir frying, poaching, boiling, braising, making soup, etc. It is different from other pans as they are curve in shape which changes the way of cooking.

The structure of the wok allows you to cook meat or vegetables more evenly and all in one unit.

Typically, the meat or hardier vegetable (whatever takes the longest to cook) is put into the very hot oil at the bottom of the wok and stir-fried until it is about halfway cooked. It is then pushed up the sides of the wok while the next ingredients — tender vegetables or delicate seafood — are added.

While the last ingredients cook, the first ingredients are also cooking, but at a much slower rate, keeping them from overcooking.

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