The TOUCHLESS AEROGLOVE DISPENSER UNIT is the safest way to protect your diners and servers from contact-contamination.

The Aeroglove Dispenser “air like” technology expands the glove as your guests hand motions over the unit. Then, once the glove is expanded guests/patrons or even servers simply slide their hands into their own glove and carry on to enjoy their buffet or dining experience!

Aeroglove dispenser Gloves offered are Bio-degradable & Poly so there is no contamination. These can be used individually or over latex gloves, whatever is preferred. An anti-microbial addition to the plastic housing of the dispenser keeps things even more sterile.

The  touchless, sanitary glove applicator allows you to put on sterile gloves to help aid in the exclusion of virus and bacterial particles. The use of gloves help aid as a barrier of contact with these germs, microbes and particles.

AeroGlove offers an over-glove option that can easily slide over a Nitrile or Latex glove, or can be used by itself. It is an inexpensive and disposable option for users and is offered in a biodegradable resin. We offer the product in a variety of applications including tabletop, wall mount or pedestal dispensing.

The AeroGlove dispenser is a superior product as not only the gloves provides protection from infectious agents, but also establishes a more adequate standard and procedure of applying the glove in a clean, sterile condition.

As standard practice dictates, you should never wash or reuse any disposable gloves. In any of the situations below, you should remove your gloves and both wash and dry your hands:

• Between patients or tasks
• When gloves become contaminated
• When gloves become dirty
• When gloves become torn
• When gloves have been used for consecutive hours
• After sneezing, or coughing
• After touching one’s hair or face

How to properly use the AeroGlove® Dispenser

1. Pass hand in front of dispense sensor.
2. Unit will push air into glove to inflate.
3. Insert hand into glove.
4. Gently push hand forward and lift glove from dispenser.

Aerogloves offer a easy way to cover and protect sterile gloves for an isolated need like retrieving forgotten supplies or writing diwn probe or medical readings.

How to reload the AeroGlove® Dispenser

1. Insert the “Lock Key” if equipped.
2. Swing open the front cover.
3. Remove the empty cardboard cartridge backer.
4. Leave the rubber band on the new glove package.
5. Insert the cuff end of cardboard into clips located near the battery compartment.
6. Insert cardboard tabs into the clips near the glove finger tips.
7. Gently close the front cover of the AeroGlove® Dispenser.

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