The ultimate ice cream machine!

Ultimate ice cream machine!!!


Homemade ice cream is a palate that hardly a guest can resist.

The latest highlight is liquid ice cream, which is shaped on a chilled steel plate to form rolls and then garnished with fruits, nuts and sauces.

The equipment is supplied by Saro Gastro-Products.

Ice teppanyaki are just conquering the western plains.


Known are the ice-cooled steel plates, on which liquid ice cream before the eyes of the beauties are turned into elegant rolls, from the East Asian street markets.

According to the guest’s wishes, the basic mass can be refined with fruit puree, coffee or – somewhat more exotic – with Matcha green tea.

Roasted with roasted marshmallows and fresh fruit or classic with caramelised nuts and creamy chocolate sauce, the ice cream rolls are easy to melt.

For gastronomy, caterers and pastry chefs, who want to satisfy their guests with the sweet dream of self-rolled ice, Saro Gastro-Products has the right equipment on offer.

At the Saro Gastro-Foods’ ice-cream platter, restaurateurs provide their guests with an extraordinary show experience.

Once the platform for ice artists has reached its operating temperature of minus 28 degrees, the finest ice cubes are made from ordinary ice cream within two minutes.

The technique used to make the ice is based on the Stir-Frying process, which allows vegetables to be cooked quickly and gently in the wok.

The ice is ready to be eaten at the front-cooking as well.

“The preparation of ice cubes is quite easy,” says Walter Spangenberg, Managing Director of Saro Gastro-Products.

The liquid mass is painted over the teppo-ice plate in rapid movements until it reaches the desired consistency.

With the help of pallets the mass can then be pushed to rolls.

And the ice teppanyaki can do even more, because on the ice-cold steel plate chocolate art works freeze fast.

The Tepp-Ice plate also offers convincing advantages for chocolate makers and pastry makers.

Mobile and flexible

The tear-ice plate is variable to the desired cooling temperature adjustable.

The experts at Saro Gastro-Products recommend a temperature of minus 28 degrees Celsius for the best preparation of the ice cream rolls.

After use, the ice table can be cleaned quickly and easily with a few hands.

Restaurateurs and ice-makers can assemble and combine various ice table elements according to their needs.

As a result, the possibilities of use are just as unlimited as the variety of self-made ice cubes. The ultimate ice cream machine.