The Termorapid System – Coffee excellence

The next level of coffee expertise the Termorapid System


This New Coffee Brew Termorapid System takes advantages of the coffee extraction’s proprieties creating coffee excellence, thanks to our Termorapid Camurri Patent System, that allows through a slowly extraction to have a great coffee, in which the taste and the aroma are enhanced and preserving for all time-service.

With the Termorapid Model is produced coffee, that could be service hot, as moka coffee or espresso type thanks to the special Expresso Application;
with the Foam Pump Model instead  it is possible to cooling down and service a great cold coffee as a Stout Beer!

All Movable Solutions can be customized.

Composed of:

  • Termorapid Coffee Maker; Foam Pump; Refrigerated units .
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • Indispensable for catering-banqueting, in-testing solutions, hotels, ice-cream parlors, coffee-bars, pubs, country clubs.
  • Marked CE.
  • Ideal for catering-banqueting, soluzioni intineranti, hotels, gelaterie, coffee-bar-pub, country clubs.

This machine is built to last stainless steel design with attractive design below. Customers will find this item simple to use and will be efficient too for  your business as it is quick in speed.


We have many more coffee machines to fit your establishment in-store check it out here: or purchase your Coffee Brew Termorapid System – CBTS.9