The Pomati T35 – simply wow


This machine is perfect for large-scale chocolate and chcolates production, requiring a technologycally savvy operator.
Like all other tempering machines, the T5 yields a uniform heat distribution on chocolate, while also ensuring reduced energy consumption.

The Pomati T35 Tempering Machine is designed utilizing decades of experience combined with the best technology. Chocolate comes out with an amazing shine and thin shell for incredible truffles, bars, and snacks. The POMATI T35 Chocolate Tempering Machine is PERFECT FOR MEDIUM – TO – LARGE CHOCOLATE FACTORIES.

Pomati leads the way for innovation and this tempering machine is no different!

The Chocolate Tempering Machine can easily be cleaned by the users. All that is required is to simply remove the back to discharge chocolate. Once the machine is emptied, it can be cleaned in no more than 10 minutes.

  • Network loading with start/stop function
  • Re-enrobing network with product vibration area
  • Unloading conveyor belt featuring a start/stop system fed by a paper roll
  • Rapid release of unloading conveyor belt for re-enrobing cart washing
  • Aluminum trays for product unloading

The Pomati T35 will do what its requird and more, with a huge 50kg tank, Double heating circuit for tank, auger, and vibrating table and so much more this will be a chefs best friend for making large quantities at a remarkable speed.

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