Talk about the food chiller



Pasta :

the flagship of the Italian cuisine is prepared differently depending on the institution. In some restaurants, they are cooked at the time of the order, while in others,  they are prepared in advance , cooled in water and cooking them subsequently reverses. Both methods have disadvantages, to product quality as to ask what time. The main benefit of a cooling cell for the preparation of pasta is that it  lowers the product temperature had with cold air  and not in the water. The pasta thus remain “al dente”.


The development of a rice dish takes time. But prepared in advance, it may be overcooked. A chiller is very useful. After cooking the rice to 80%, it is rapidly cooled to 3 ° C, which  stop cooking . Then it may be kept refrigerated for six or seven days. Just resume cooking by adding a little stock, it will be ready to be served.


To cut a roast, it must be cold because when it is hot, it tends to break. If cooling is carried out at ambient temperature, there is a  serious risk of bacterial proliferation . In a cooling cell, the temperature of a roast is lowered to 3 ° C in 90 minutes, it can be cut and stored refrigerated for a week without undergoing any weight loss.


Any pastry must offer a variety of appetizing products. To manage a wide range of products, the use of chillers is essential. The production planning is greatly facilitated. In addition, the products  lose less moisture  and weight and thawing is rapid.

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