Sous Vide Cooking – Vacuum technique you need

sous vide cooking – Orved vac pack machine


Once they called it precooking, today it changes its name and is called  Sous vide cooking, pasteurization, and vacuum storage.

Madness? No, food technology for any activity from domestic to catering, from portion to large numbers.

Your bolognese sauce or something else you have in the fridge, why store it with the risk of it deteriorating without pasteurizing it?

Why produce it two or three times a week with waste of money and time?

For example, in your restaurant, you prepare your sauces every day, when you could do it once or twice a month, every 15 days optimizing the time, your preparation hours would already be reduced by 1/8 with much lower costs; you’d get enough time to do more preparations because you wouldn’t have a few more free time..

Your meat can be prepared with or without Maillard reaction at will by deciding only whether this is just a finished product or to be finished.

Do you keep your fish or seafood in the fridge? Maybe just with a little bit of film? Why not clean and vacuum, cook and store them cooked in the refrigerator with their cooking water? Always ready to serve and without the fear the product deteriorates.


You can intelligently anticipate your preparations saving a lot of time and money. In the pastry to prepare jams, creams, sauces to be stored for particular moments or special needs.

For catering or banqueting service on large numbers where the time of service becomes “the plug on the side of everyone”; to succeed in a short time and with little equipment to perform a fast and precise service. Or for your business where today for needs, more and more, a product is required ready to take to the office, to work and why not in your own home.


This technique allows:


The technique sous vide cooking, that radically changes your way of cooking, creates your bases with dedicated precooking and, having up to 40 days of conservation, is able to maintain tastes and flavors… amazing but true! Logic that no one wants to have 40 days a product in the fridge but we all want to sell it and as soon as possible, even though knowing that they do not deteriorate in the fridge is important.


  • Your meat or fish and vegetable bases (starters, first and second course and side dishes) you just have to regenerate them in Sv Thermo or in a pan and compose the dish.

Vacuum and Sv Thermo radically change the way you cook. No one denies that the express cooking (‘cooked and eaten’) is effective, but being able to store a few more days, allows you to improve the quality of food and work.



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