Sofraca Professional ice crusher – an essential!

Professional ice crusher – 6kg / min


This Sofraca professional electric ice crusher has been specially designed for professionals and for large flows. Indeed, this device can grind 6kg of ice per minute, or 360 kg of ice for one hour of use. A professional ice cream maker ideal for cocktails, fish keeping, etc… thanks to a mechanical adjustment that allows to adjust the size of the ice cubes. In addition to being very efficient, it has compact dimensions and occupies only a small space on the table or worktop.

Professional manufacture, this automatic Sofraca professional ice crusher & dry ice grinder is built in stainless steel 18/10 , is equipped with a micro switch on the lid and in the door frame, a GN 1/3 tray (176 x 325 mm) 150 mm high and that can hold a volume of 6 litres for the recovery of ice pellets and condensate recovery by removable stainless steel drawer.


Sofraca History


Created in 1964 by Pierre Orset, Sofraca has always been directed and managed by the Orset family. From 1964 to 1996, Pierre Orset managed the company. His children, Christine Cottard and Stéphane Orset, succeeded him in 1997. This family spirit is that of a long-term vision and not of a short-term strategy.

What has characterized Sofraca’s success for over 50 years is based on 3 fundamentals: a serious and responsible company, quality French manufacturing and continuous innovation.

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