Pomati tunnel in a vertical version

Verticale Pomati: a tunnel in a vertical version that in only 2m of width cools as much as a 20m tunnel, with 90% savings on the overall dimensions.

Verticale can be adjusted to current production lines, reducing their extension and increasing their performance.

The innovative cooling system allows a homogeneous distribution of the cold inside the chamber. The air recirculation combined with a high-efficiency cooling unit allows a reduction of energy consumption and low percentage of humidity.

Brushless motors, controlled by Servo Drive, allow a flowing handling of the carriers. Temperatures and cooling times are programmable via a touch screen panel. The unique design allows the installation in open laboratories.


Air circulation in combination with a highly efficient cooling unit saves electricity and low humidity.

Temperatures and cooling times can be programmed on the touchscreen. The unique design allows installation even in open laboratories.


On both the Italian and international market since 1967, Pomati Group srl offers machines and accessories for chocolate processing.

Our wide range of highly professional products allow us to meet customers’ needs in a variety of industry related niches: pastry shops, ice cream parlors, catering, bread making, as well as small- and medium-size confectionery factories.

Pomati blend the experience honed over time with modern technology in order to give life to ever so reliable, state-of-the art products of exceptional quality. Great attention to detail in the designing phase yields a series of innovative elements, Pomati proudly introduced into our entire range of tempering machines.


Here at halls we have an extensive range of chocolate machines and related products if you are unsure or have any queries on size or customised installations simply contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.


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