Perfect Pizza from Perfect Dough! IGF shows you how..

Perfect Pizza made from perfect dough!

There is nothing better than a tasty, well made Pizza! From the forty years of experience of IGF in collaboration with master pizza makers the new 3000 series kneader is born.

This ultra compact machine has been specially designed, with the advice of master pizza makers, for the specific needs of pizzerias and bakeries that require professional kneaders they can work small and medium quantities of dough (starting from a few kilograms) with a high number of beatings of the whisk for a better hydration of the dough allowing for the perfect pizza perfect dough.

The salient features of this machine are the following:

– Elegant and innovative its design that certainly does not go unnoticed.

– Resistant and silent (max 60dB) thanks to the compact mechanics and the special shape of the steel frame.

– Double geared motor in oil bath for the independent actuation of the rotation of the tank from that of the whisk.

– Double whisk speed.

– Reverse rotation of the tank to allow a better collection of the dough in the initial processing phase and increase its oxygenation.

– Automatic machine operation with electronic double timing control card (for the two speeds of the hose) with comfortable and accessible controls on the front of the head.

– Rotation of the tank with manual control button to facilitate emptying.

– Combined multi-rotation system of the forged whip with an appropriate shaping to obtain a homogeneous mixture at
an optimal temperature.

– Sturdy dough divider adjustable in height and distance from the whisk that combined with the particular shape of the terminal of the whisk,

allows an excellent cleaning of the tank and allows you to make even small amounts of dough.

– Enveloping pan guide rollers to prevent bending of the tank.

– Stainless steel pot protection grill with anti-drip shaping and front opening to allow the addition of ingredients.

– Lateral clamps to the base to stabilize the mixer during the working process.

– Solid retractable wheels in the frame for a quick repositioning of the machine under the work benches or in another
desired place.

– Electrical system with low voltage controls, thermal motor protection and mushroom emergency switch.

Perfect pizza perfect dough!!!