New laws on face masks – is your business ready?!

Face masks become compulsory – do you have yours.

Face masks available in both Black & light colour with triple & double layer option/

  • Breathable Mask Washable Face mask
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Breathable & Lightweight
  • Can be used Over and over again and easily washable.



The new action taken by the government that face masks are compulsory starting the 15th June 2020 on public transport mean many people travelling to work will now be looking to their employer’s to provide them with PPE. Here at Halls Intl we always provide the most innovative and reliable products and the most competitive price.
Our PPE range covers equipment to assist all businesses both large and small or simply for personal use, ranging from face guards to sanitization equipment such as the Ozone box which quickly and effectively sanitises a room at professional level eradicating germs on a large scale.

A single cough can produce over 3,000 droplets. There are fears the virus can also be spread simply through speaking. One recent study showed that we spray thousands of droplets invisible to the naked eye into the air just by uttering the words “stay healthy”.

Once out of our mouths, many of the larger droplets will quickly settle onto nearby surfaces while smaller ones remain suspended in the air for hours, where they can be breathed in. While the behaviour of the virus-filled droplets in rooms with air conditioning and outside environments are less well understood, they are thought to settle on surfaces more quickly in disturbed air. There are also some reports that the coronavirus can spread through ventilation systems in buildings. A country which is very familiar with face masks is China.

“Face masks could help to reduce transmission in the community particularly if used in public transport and crowded areas,” says Ben Cowling, head of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Hong Kong.

Also researchers have found that while pulling a t-shirt up over your nose and mouth will block less than half of the aerosols coming towards it, doubling and even tripling the layers of a cotton t-shirt fabric can dramatically improve things in an emergency, that is why the three layer mask we have available with simple appliance will provide the protection nessacary along with the comfort instea of the unknown and irritance of lifting items of clothing over the face hoping you covered in time.

Here is some guidelines from WHO on how to wear face masks and what not to do:


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