Movilfrit.. The Best Charcoal Ovens and BBQ’s ever!

Movilfrit ovens


Halls Intl are the proud distributors of the fabulous Movilfrit Charcoal Ovens and BBQ’s.

These amazing ovens and BBq’s are showstopping and so easy to use!

The brazier is Movilfrit’s flagship. High quality materials that will bring to your professional kitchen a touch of design.

The Movilfrit brazier ovens are built in cast Steel and there are completely isolated to avoid heat loss.

Therefore, you will have a great brazier inside your kitchen, without having to stand the annoying smokes that may appear.

But if you want to install a traditional barbecue in your kitchen, the Movilfrit barbecues are perfect for you and your restaurant.

You will be able to serve juicy meat pieces, fish or vegetables cooked at the charcoal, coconut or wood fire, you choose!

Moreover, Movilfrit has a team of industrial designers able to design that ideal brazier or barbecue perfect for your establishment. Tell Halls intl how it is and let us make your dreams become true.