Mobile Computer MYCHEF Simplified!

One of the pleasures of summer is to enjoy a lunch or dinner outdoors. Working meetings, appointments or intimate friends ‘parties move abroad. In this scenario, the restaurants should be able to adapt to new needs. Therefore, from Distform  we’ll give ideas to continue to prepare the dishes offered you the furnace technology MyChef without sacrificing any location.

With the new autonomous car , you can convert the MyChef professional oven on a mobile device that does not depend on water outlets. Can generate steam during cooking thanks to its self –supply of water. The autonomous truck offers versatility hitherto unthinkable.

Advantages of the autonomous car

  • Ideal for services catering or banqueting outdoors . The autonomous car can hold events abroad taking advantage of the efficiency and performance of a professional oven.
  • The car has a range for cooking in steam mode up to 3.5 hours without dependence on an outlet water (90 ° C in steam mode on a MyChef 6GN 1/1).
  • Thanks to the small size of the MyChef furnaces and the mobility of new autonomous car, you can now take professional oven where you need it and benefiting from it anywhere. Just you need to connect to the network to start cooking.

As you mentioned, the autonomous car lets you cook outdoors in celebrations, dinners and meetings on the beach, mountain or in a garden . Addressing all these services in evocative environments is now easier thanks to the compactness and mobility provided by the furnace MyChef.

Cooking in a furnace MyChef

  • The TSC technology. The patent, created by Distform, provides a control that ensures high temperature stability in the cooking chamber with a swing of only 0.2 ° C thus, it allows cooking at low temperatures with high accuracy temperature .
  • Compact design optimizes space. It allows stacking teams, winning versatility and use the pass during cooking chambers depending on the workload.
  • The MyChef oven has all the features you can imagine in minimum space. Crunchy textures with Dryout, juiciness in meat and fish with SmartClima, cooking with the probe, smoked with MySmoker, programming by cooking steps.

With the autonomous car, you can benefit from the many options and benefits in a furnace MyChef outdoor environment, anywhere and with a range steaming over 3 hours.

View our MYCHEF range here.