Mini Leo MultiCooker you need! NEW & EXCLUSIVE

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CB ITALY MINI LEO 340/3 infrared multicooker



The Mini Leo modulated infrared multicooker with capacity up to 9 kg. Ideal for cooking different foods simultaneously.

Cooking time reduction up to 50% • Time optimization in the kitchen • Easy preparation and regeneration of food

 Only 10% to 25% weight loss • Healthy cooking • Maintenance of the organoleptic properties • Exaltation of the taste of the products • The perfect core temperature cooking system without burning the food-grade fats during the cooking process • Keep food warm longer.

Cooking programs SOFT 1 Ideal for all meats that need to reach a core temperature of 55/60°C and an even pink color of the meat: Fillets, loins and all low-fat meat. SOFT 2 Ideal for all muscle-rich and collagen-rich meats that need to reach a core temperature above 80°C and are usually braised in the pot: Pork knuckle, beef cheek, shoulder or pork belly. FAST Ideal for cooking white meat, vegetables and fish as well as mussels and crustaceans with spectacular results at reduced cooking times.

GRILL The extraordinary finishing. Ideal for even tanning and tasteful roasted aromas. Suitable for whole as well as pre-portioned products such as roasts, meat skewers as well as fish fillets. Making the Mini Leo an essential piece of kitchen equipment in any and every establishment.

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The advantages of a multicooker –


The versatility of a multicooker is one of a multicooker’s main advantages. It brings together several devices in one, slow cooker, pan, yoghurt maker, oven, and bread machine. It is therefore economical since we will not need to buy all these various tools, but above all, it saves much space in our kitchen furniture. If you like to cook, but have limited space, then it will be essential.

Healthier cooking


Thanks to its non-stick bowl, the multicooker allows you to eat healthier. It is possible to cook with very little oil, or even without oil at all. I don’t promise that all of your dishes will be ideal for dieting, but it’s still an excellent way to reduce fat intake. Your body will thank you.

Very easy to use


It has never been easier to make your dishes a tastier. The multicooker is very easy to use, just prepare the food to be cooked, pour it into the non-stick bowl, choose the menu and launch the appliance.


There is no need to monitor the cooking. The multicooker will stop automatically when the preparation time has elapsed, and it will keep your dish warm until serving time. You can cook several foods at the same time, like in oven, which generally gives more flavour to your meals.


Finally, cooking is often much faster than with a slow cooker, a saucepan or an oven, and this therefore necessarily saves time which is always precious.


Some savings


By purchasing this unique device, you will not need to waste money on other tools that will do the same. It is ideal when you want to move in particular. Better, a multicooker does not consume much energy, or in any case less than hot plates or an oven. You will, therefore, make some savings on your electricity bill, which is inevitably never negligible.


Maintenance is just as simple


If use is a breeze, support is too. Only the tank is to be cleaned, and it will most of the time be removable so that it can quickly go into the dishwasher. There is no particular cleaning operation that could make you regret your purchase. It will just be necessary not to let the food dry inside, so as not to have to scrape, but it is the same with all cooking tools.




The multicooker should be mandatory in all kitchens! Its versatility remains its main asset. It bakes, it simmers, it boils, it fried, it roasts, it allows steaming, it gives the possibility of preparing your own bread or yoghurts, in short, it is incredibly complete and will enable you to vary the pleasures at will.


We no longer spend hours in front of the stove. Just start the right cooking mode and voila. During this time, you can take care of yourself or your children, before the signal sounds to tell you that your dish is ready.


For there is really no reason to do without this device which really simplifies our life, allows us to eat healthier, and also saves us time.