History of Edlund

Edlund can openers and food service equipment – For 95 years, Edlund has been on the cutting edge of kitchen equipment–- providing foodservice and food processing customers worldwide with quality solutions that take today’s operations to the next level. Known for innovation, our scales have earned best in class 14 times, and our small wares and kitchen prep equipment have been recognized repeatedly for excellence in product design and cutting-edge innovation. Edlunds extensive array of products is backed by the vast resources of the Ali group. And, with manufacturing facilities in Vermont, USA, along with distribution centers in USA, Belgium and Hong Kong, Edlund can opener has been at the forefront of caterers everywhere.

Edlund was started by Swedish inventor H.J. Edlund in 1925. He had formerly worked for the A.J. Whiting Company as its superintendent. He invented the first commercial can opener and decided to start out in business on his own. So, Edlund has been in-town, in Burlington since that time. We’ve been on King Street and we’ve been on Kilburn Street. They actually shared a building with Lane Press back in the day. .

Customer Favourite

Edlund’s “Old Reliables®.” Our original manual can openers have an improved finish and a rust-resistant arbor, a plastic bushing for lower turning force and easier opening, and a base with plastic insert for longer plating life. Edlund can opener.

Original manual can opener with improved finish and a rust-resistant arbour
Plastic bushing for lower turning force and easier opening
Plated base with plastic insert for longer plating life
Blades reversible for longer life
Recommended use:
#1 – up to 50 cans per day
#2 – up to 15 cans per day