Hatco Heat Lamp Fitting.

Hatco heat lamp Lighting can make or break a commercial space, Halls Intl wide range of lamps can help you choose. Selecting the right hanging hatco heat lamp for your space is important, but that’s only half the battle. The other half involves how and where to hang your lighting. Luckily, with a little plotting and planning, you can get your lighting hung just right. To get you started, let’s talk about a few best practices that are sure to set you on the right track.

Get precise with height.
Hanging heat lamps can be tricky, especially if you want them to hang at a particular height. For example, if you’re looking to align the height of multiple lamps, steer clear of retractable mounts. Since they have individual pulley systems, they are less precise — and less likely to line up. Instead, go for rigid stem or cord mounts, which will be easier to hang at identical heights. If you’re ordering lamps from Hatco, we make this step easy. Just use our handy Decorative Lamp Configurator, and we’ll give you all the mount options in step three.

Measure twice, cut once.
Before you actually purchase your mount, make sure to measure — more than once. This will help to ensure you get your hanging measurements right and have enough cord to hang your lighting. And if you’re going with a cord mount, err on the side of caution and order more cord than you need. That way, once your cord arrives, you can rest easy knowing that you have more than enough. Remember, you can always trim the excess cord after you attach the hanging heat lamp. In some cases, less is more. This is not one of them.

Location, location, location.
Even before you measure and pick your mount, take a step back and consider your lighting location. If you’re mounting multiple track lamp systems, watch where you’re doing it. For fire safety and warranty coverage, avoid installing them above damp or wet locations, such as a steam table. You also want to watch out for wattage — be sure the voltage available at your location can support the power you’re after. If you’re using Hatco’s Build-A-Lamp tool, this part is easy. Once you make your voltage selection, the interactive tool will automatically display available wattage options. And last but not least, if you’re planning on multiple lamps, factor in the shade diameter to ensure the number of lamps you’ve selected will fit.


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