Get the kids involved this Christmas

Make Christmas hassle free with these handy tips!
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Let your kids take some of the strain when preparing your Christmas lunch! A big favourite in our house is making stuffing togther, using good quality sausage meat. For added fun, we divide the stuffing into small quantities, roll it into little sausages and wrap rashers of bacon around them. All very kid friendly. Equally fun to make together are sausage rolls for starters, using store bought puff pastry and sausage meat for ease of use. In our house, anything which involves squishing, rolling and cutting goes down well in the kitchen.
You’ll be looking for something to do with the turkey leftovers. How about frying up some onions and garlic, chucking in a little sherry, stirring in the turkey and then adding double cream for a delicious and flavoursome Boxing Day treat which can be served with pasta.

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