Fama meat mincer – FTR200 Refrigerated

What Are The Benefits of a Fama Meat Mincer?

If you have yet to use a Fama meat mincer, then you will probably find yourself wondering about the ways in which you can benefit from using one. With this in mind, here are a couple of examples.

  • Creating your Own Recipe – Burgers and sausages are popular all over the world, but even more so in the UK. One of the best things about using a meat mincer is that you are able to create your own unique recipes for them both. You can add herbs and spices and even experiment with different meat, the opportunities are endless.


  • Knowing Exactly What Is In your Food – These days there are lots of people find themselves worrying about what preservatives and additives are going into their food, including fresh meat. By grinding your own meat you can rest assured that you know exactly what is going into it so you no longer have to worry about any potentially harmful ingredients.


  • Fresher Meat – When you buy your minced meat from the supermarket or the butchers, it will be fresh to an extent. However, you don’t know how long it remained in its original form before it was minced. When you mince your own meat, you can guarantee freshness which will certainly improve the taste and texture. Whilst using the Fama refrigerated meat mincer this will produce high volumes and a very high standard.


Fama –

Fama Industrie is a family run business open to innovation and market requirements. In its 65 years history of expertise, knowledge and skill, FAMA has built up a strong reputation as one of the top manufacturers of food preparation equipment.

From testing new designs and materials to looking for ways to improve guarantees and reduce cost of service, we continue to expand our portfolio and footprint to offer innovative products to help the food service industry to prepare, cook and serve. All available in different sizes and capacity, providing excellent solutions that fully satisfy the needs of catering and hospitality environments.


In the refrigerated tritacarne tr 32 three-phase FAMA FTR200 FAMA Refrigerated meat mincer, the grinding unit can be completely separated from the machine body for an accurate and effective cleaning.

Three-phase refrigerated meat mincer tr 32 – FTR200 – Refrigerated For professional use it is able to prepare, at best, any type of pulp.


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