Dehydrator essential tool for any establishment

Dehydrator is an essential tool

Dehydrating food is truly a fantastic method for any food establishment, this technique, known since ancient times, involves eliminating water found in food in order to preserve it making a dehydrator essential. Meats and vegetables were dehydrated, mainly during the summer so they could be consumed during winter months.

This process consists of eliminating excess water found in food. Through this process, the development of microorganisms is inhibited, and therefore the product is preserved in a better state. As experts in industrial kitchen ovens, we know the importance this technique has in modern cooking, not only for food preservation, but also for obtaining unique textures.

Although this drying technique has been used since ancient times, the dehydrator process has evolved greatly over the years. Earlier civilizations dried food in open air. If they placed the food in the sun, the process was accelerated.

However, by drying food in the shade, the original aspect of the food was preserved.

Dehydration became a technique in the food industry during the last century, but the nutritional quality of the processed food was harmed.

In the majority of fresh foods, water makes up between 60% and 90% of the mass.

During the drying process.

The product’s water is evaporated from the inside out through a combination of molecular diffusion and capillary forces.

The process inevitably requires time. For this reason, accelerating surface evaporation will not offer the desired result because the outside will dry and harden.

Today in the market, specific devices can dehydrate safely and healthily.

The low-temperature cooking oven, TekTherm Compact, also offers this possibility, in contrast to other conventional ovens which can not dehydrate correctly because they do not have sufficient low-temperature precision.

With this model, you can dry foods in a controlled and uniform manner thanks to TSC technology (Thermal Stability Control), developed by Distform in collaboration with the Celler de Can Roca restaurant team. TSC guarantees thermal stability in the chambers with an accuracy of just ±0.2ºC.

Ultimately, this oven model is born from the need to apply technological advances to gastronomy in order to work with low temperatures, ensuring excellent results in professional kitchens.

TekTherm Compact also offers the possibility of working without steam and extracting the humidity from the chamber for dehydration.

As specialists in ovens for the food industry, we believe it is imperative to work with appliances that ensure the quality of food at every stage while preserving its nutrients.

In doing so, it is possible to take advantage of an excess of fresh products. They just need to be rehydrated in order to restore their freshness.


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