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Chocolate & Pomati


On both the Italian and international market since 1967, Pomati Group srl offers machines and accessories for chocolate processing.

Our wide range of highly professional products allow us to meet customers’ needs. In a variety of industry related niches: pastry shops, ice cream parlors, catering, bread making, as well as small- and medium-size confectionery factories.

We blend the experience honed over time with modern technology in order to give life to ever so reliable, state-of-the art products of exceptional quality.

Great attention to detail in the designing phase yields a series of innovative elements we proudly introduced into our entire range of tempering machines.


A customer favourite –

Pomati Cube Dispenser

Designed in Pomati style, for inclusion in bakeries, cafes, ice cream and chocolate shops with the aim of attracting and impressing customers with the impact given by the continuous chocolate tap.

Perfect for serving chocolate in cups and cones, on ice cream, waffles or cakes these are just some of the possible uses of this versatile and impressive addition to your counter.

Tank Capacity 5kg • Heated chocolate tank with thermostat

• Double heated circuit tank and screw • Programmable on/o .

• Removable screw for ease of cleaning

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Because thermo-regulated water baths are fundamental for chocolate, creme and preserved food processing, well calibrated tanks are of the essence.

It is possible to pair the tank with an automatic extraction pump controlled by a button, pedal or level sensor placed inside the tempering machine.