CAMURRI MASTRO GOURMET mod. MG.50 is an original unit (Camurri’s Patent) which permits to prepare and produce very easily a lot of products as handcrafted beer, hot chocolate, worts, sauces, mulled wine, broths, infusions, cheeses, dairy products and all that your “gourmand” taste will suggest you!


Whole manufactured in stainless steel Aisi 304

CAMURRI MASTRO GOURMET, it is equipped with a PLC regulator which help to check, regulate and program automatically any time or temperature which are requested by your recipes. The motoreducer, placed in the bottom part, takes care of the correct blend mixture, thanks to its modular
mixer, valuing the organoleptic properties and always maintaining the prepared product, homogeneous. Its double jacket helps to maintain the flavour and the
product unaltered in the time, enhancing organoleptic qualities, thanks to the special Bain Marie Camurri’s System.

Then, two practical handles help the transport and its handling.

An extended selection of optionals will permit you to develop the production of your handcrafted beers.

That’s the right solution for small breweries, home brewers, pubs, agritourisms, training centres as catering institutes and for any business which needs to promote their artisanal recipe.

Min. capacity about 20 l and max. about 60 l for each production.



Federico Camurri, founder of the company Camurri Industries, Camurri Brevetti and Camurri Gourmet, started his activity very young, as artisan apprentice to the family company F.lli Camurri fu Silvio, “La Buteiga”, a forge and a life school from four generation.

At the beginning of 70s, Federico Camurri collaborated with his father, Sildo Camurri, realizing a new company: Camurri cav. Sildo e Figlio. Thanks to Sildo’s willpower in believing in his ideas and thanks to the synergy with the son Federico, the company was a great success at European and International level in Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

In this reality the company Camurri Industries S.r.l. was born, with its roots in a land, in Emilia region, where the link between land and mechanics, art and cookery with the human mind brought the birth of company recognized at International level.

From 2012, the Company, thanks to a new Federico Camurri’s Patent, is on new market fields as “Brewing” and “Food Branch”, with new machines for the agroindustrial transformation through the hot extraction of liquid products.

In 2016 with the entry in the company of new generations, CAMURRI becomes CAMURRI INDUSTRIES S.r.l. grouping the brand CAMURRI BREVETTI and CAMURRI GOURMET.

CAMURRI’s goals, since its establishment, are always aimed at improving its products, which have to be more and more practical, innovative and environmentally friendly.
A choice which involves and important arrangement, flexibility, agreement respects, delivery punctuality and a qualified and present assistance.

An important referential brand in Ho.Re.Ca. field, Federico Camurri always promotes “Made in Italy” tradition and engages in respecting high working and ethical standards, working with accuracy and responsibility.

The guarantee of quality of our products, customers and partners’ satisfaction represent fundamental and essential prerogatives for our company.

For over 40 years the company’s values are kept alive constant commitment of Federico Camurri and their employees, who daily and with devotion meet the needs of those looking the best professional solutions, combining solid craftsmanship experience and the innovative dynamism.