Cammuri Steam maker VB

Cammuri Steam maker VB –

Thanks to the direct water supply system Brevetto Camurri obtains steam at 140 ° C in a few minutes.

Camurri steamer and due to  its small size and the simplicity of the hydraulic and electrical connections. It can be installed in any environment where the use of steam is required .

Upon request , the steam dispenser can be equipped with a pump for use with a tank independent of the water mains.

A variety of lances, long, short and spout allows them to be used in different sectors of work with specific uses.

The steam maker serves in the ice cream and pastry laboratories for instant and anytime cooking of creams, custards, ice cream bases, toppings and sauces.

Use the steamer in bars, restaurants, hotels, for the heating of drinks, the preparation of cappuccino or chocolate.

The Cammuri Steam maker VB can be used in gastronomy laboratories, delicatessens, food distributors, for cooking and heating.

In all businesses that need instant and continuous steam for cooking, heating and sanitizing.

Using the Vaporizer is also indispensable in all exercises for cleaning, sterilization, hot disinfection and sanitization (HACCP self-control). Indispensable in the Tourism-Hotel, Food, Healthcare and Collective Catering sector in general.

To solve all requests for functionality, where quality, hygiene, savings in cleaning products, for disinfection, saving time and labor, are essential.

Completely built in 18/10 stainless steel.



For over 40 years the Camurri company has been present with its patents on the Ho.Re.Ca market.

Camurri is as a leading company in the design, production, marketing and service of filter coffee, tea, frozen yogurt. Chocolatiers and machines.

Chocolate in the cup, hotel groups, thermal containers and water bath, hot water manufacturers, vaporizers and beverage distributor carts.


Food steamers are certainly worth it for a healthy diet rich in natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, if you are interested in creating a healthier lifestyle, then a food steamer is definitely worth it

There is a reason that cooking with steam retains nutrients so well. That is because it does not super heat the fluids inside of meats and vegetables forcing them out after they reach a high temperature. Steam cooking tends to seal in the juices. Since more fluid is retained in foods cooked with steam, then these foods normally stay very moist as a result too.