Bartscher – Combi oven

The Bartscher brand

The company Bartscher GmbH is one of the leading companies in the European commercial kitchen industry. The product range includes a large selection of professional appliances, practical kitchen aids and innovative product solutions: anything that a modern commercial kitchen needs to work efficiently.

In the market since 1876

Since it was founded in 1876, Bartscher has become a full range supplier for commercial kitchens. Bartscher brand appliances are available in a large number of countries within Europe via authorised retail partners. Also, thanks to a committed team, the traditional high service quality is guaranteed throughout Europe.


A favourite is the combination oven from Bartscher

The Benefits of a Combi Oven

A combi oven can be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any commercial kitchen. Designed with innovative technology that allow it to preform many different functions inside the same unit, a combi oven can cook with convection, steam, or a combination of both. But what are the real benefits of combination ovens


Because combi ovens create a cooking environment that is precisely controlled in terms of moisture and heat, they are ideal for a variety of cooking techniques. With a combi, operators can cook, roast, steam, smoke, grill, braise, bake, fry, re-therm, and even grill.


Because combi ovens can actually provide moisture instead of removing it, they allow for greater yields, especially when cooking meats and proteins. Standard convection ovens do not provide this benefit.


Your commercial kitchen has a lot of other equipment that makes you feel the need to add space-saving equipment. With a combination oven, you are already saving on the space of two ovens as you are getting both in a single machine. On the other hand, its stand-alone design makes it a space-saver. It doesn’t have a large footprint, so less floor space is occupied by this type of oven

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