Zumoval - FastTop Heavy-Duty Compact Juicer with stand

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Zumoval - FastTop Heavy-Duty Compact Juicer w/Automatic Shower & Juice Level This is the fastest juicer on the market. 

The best solution for places with high consumption, large hotels, supermarkets, etc.

Our juicers are totally automatic. There is no need to cut the oranges in half. Just place the oranges in the feeder basket and the machine will do everything for you at high speed. Our exclusive and unique rotating system is very stylish and visible, which attracts the attention of consumers resulting in increased juice demand. While squeezing, the juice is not in contact with the peel, so you get the taste of the sweet juice without the bitter peel.

Equipped with a 0.75 Hp motor and gears of steel, this model is certainly considered 'small equipment' but it is also the strongest and most robust machine on the market. The machine is totally maintenance free.

This juicer is perfect for places with medium to high consumption such as coffee shops, juice bars, cocktail bars, hotels, restaurants etc. This unit includes the automatic shower which is a flushing system that quickly cleans the juicing area, saving time and labour costs while keeping the juicer clean and hygienic at all times. This unit also comes with the Level Detector. Thanks to this system, you can always count on 5 litres of fresh orange juice, automatically and constantly juiced, ready to serve. This system is ideal for self-service and big volume sites. Stand is sold separately.

  • Includes the Automatic Shower
  • Includes the Level Detector
  • 18 kg feeding basket
  • Stainless steel knife provides the perfect cut
  • Exclusive rotative squeezing system
  • The fastest juicer on the market 
  • The best solution for places with high consumption, large hotels, supermarkets, etc.
  • Highly resistant front cover screen
  • Juice is extracted without touching the peel
  • 45 fruit per minute yeilding approximately 200 litres per hour
  • Full protection against exterior contaminants such as dirt and insects
  • Certifications:  NSF, CE and Interteck
  • Speed
    45 oranges per minute

    Feeder capacity
    18kg (24kg optional)
    40 lbs (53 lbs optional)

    Waste bin
    18 kg
    40 lbs

    Fruit diameter
    65-80 mm
    45-60 mm (optional)

    48 kg
    105,8 lbs

    0.55 kw

    4,1 / 3,7 A

    62 cm x 50 cm x 99 cm
    24,4” x 19,7” x 38,9”

    Voltage 230v


    Stainless steel gears
    Aluminium carter

    Digital 3.0

    Orange & Black
    Silver & Black


    Proximity detectors

    MYSS Squeezing system
    Maximum yield squeezing
    system without touching
    the peel

    Premium Quality

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