Zerica – Thirsty for innovation, Environment Friendly.


Zerica give preference to eco-sustainable solutions, using low environmental impact materials.
Consistent with this approach, also the R600a, the new refrigerant gas that will be introduced shortly, will comply with the new European directives on air pollution and greenhouse gases (EU Regulation No. 517/2014) – it is non-toxic with zero Ozone Depletion Potential and very low Global Warming Potential.
All the gas recharging procedures for our systems can be carried out directly in the factory in complete safety, thanks to the most sophisticated technologies that ensure a correct check on the refrigeration system of our machines.

Furthermore the production of our refrigeration systems does not include the use of chemical solvents, powders or polluting materials.
Our exclusive HPDC® cooling system, which can reduce electricity consumption by 70% and stainless steel chassis, easily disposable and recyclable, are consistent with an eco-sustainable approach. Many of our plants also have an energy class A++ and A+++, the best in terms of energy efficiency.
Choosing a ZERICA water dispenser means great attention to the environment and a better future, for everyone.

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