Vacuum packing AK Ramon – so fresh

Vacuum Packaging AK Ramon so fresh and why you need it in your business!

Vacuum packaging by AK Ramon protects the product from bumps, knocks, and contamination. It provides mechanical strength to more fragile objects and stops the product from becoming compromised before it reaches the final customer.

As a result, this means that the robot is often interacting with the product in its most fragile form.

Many types of vacuum packaging stops the product from moving around or “escaping” (e.g. spilling, leaking) before it reaches the end user check out some of our ranges including AK Ramon.

This is why there are different levels of packaging (notably primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging). Each level of packaging provides more robust containment.

For example, fragile cookies might be first packed into a bag, then packed into a box to stop the bag becoming punctured, then packed onto a pallet to stop the boxes moving around in transit.

Vacuum packing AK Ramon will give an increased Shelf Life – Studies show that vacuum packaging can help product shelf life.

The key to increasing product shelf life is determining the ideal atmosphere within the packaging for the product being packaged.

This could be the introduction of an inert gas or the reduction of oxygen to ideal levels.
Vacuum packaging is also and preferred form of packaging for many products going into long term freezer storage.

The proper vacuum bags can dramatically reduce freezer burn. It is a chosen form of packaging for meat storage around the world.

Reduced Product Loss using AK Ramon vacuum packing machine – Increased shelf life directly affects the reduction in product loss for companies inventorying products. The reduced product loss helps to increase bottom lines.

Sealed Barrier From External Elements – Vacuum packaging is also an excellent barrier of protection against freezer burn during long term freezer storage.

Seals in Flavors – Wet aging meats is a popular form of curing meat before preparing it. This often uses natural juices from the meat with spices and flavors vacuum sealed to lock in flavors during the curing process. Check out this video on wet aging steaks for more information.

No Chemical Preservatives Required – Vacuum packaging eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. With the right mixture of oxygen to inert gas, products can last longer without the use of commonly used preservatives. The earth’s atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen which is the most commonly used inert gas for vacuum packaging.

Improved Product Presentation – Most vacuum bags are crystal clear allowing products within the packaging to be displayed on shelves. Vacuum packaging is an affordable packaging solution the enables products to be shelf ready Vacuum Packaged Dried Tomatoes with the application of a custom printed sticker.

Multiple Packaging Options – Vacuum sealing materials come with multiple packaging options. Users can buy rolls of film or bags to seal products. Bags can be found with re-closable zippers, easy-open tear notches, foil-lined, channeled, and with a variety of other options to choose from.

Quick and Efficient Packaging – With the proper machines and materials, vacuum sealing can be a very efficient process enabling hundreds or thousands of products to be sealed per hour.