Adding to their line of conveyor toasters, Hatco® is introducing its new Intelligent Toast-Qwik® .


Along with being fast, reliable, and extremely versatile, the Toast Qwik ITQ, with Spot-On® Technology, is the smartest toaster available.

The Intelligent Toast-Qwik Single and Dual toasters have the capability to hold up to eighteen product settings, and can be utilized to toast multiple products from bagels to Texas toast to hash browns, as well as melting cheese and finishing small food products.

With its individually-controlled top and bottom heating elements the Toast Qwik toaster has a multi-speed two-directional conveyor belt, and programmable touchpad control with display, the ITQ unit is easily operable.

The conveyor features Hatco’s patented ColorGuard Sensing System that monitors and adjusts conveyor speed and temperature during high usage periods to assure toast color uniformity on a consistent basis, and can be operated in four different modes based on your toasting needs.

The Spot-On Technology senses when a product is placed on the conveyor, so the unit only activates when it’s being used, saving the operator money through energy efficiencies.

The ITQ unit features a Power Save mode that activates automatically after a certain period of time or by pressing the Power Save button on the touchpad. It also includes a USB port located on the front of the unit to allow for easy transfer of program changes and product usage information.

The conveyor also includes a toast chute, 1” (25 mm) adjustable legs, and a 6’ (1829 mm) cord and plug. The removable crumb tray and collector ramp make the Intelligent Toast-Qwik easy to clean.

Hatco Corporation is a Milwaukee Wisconsin-based, employee-owned company with a history of over 60 years of excellence in the design, production, and servicing of holding and warming equipment.

In 2009, Hatco introduced their first Refrigerated Drop-In Well product, bringing the same excellence to the cooling part of their foodservice product line.


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