The smallest tabletop vacuum packing machine

The smallest tabletop vacuum packing machine

An innovative design and extremely high performance – Evox 25H has a completely stainless steel frame and a vacuum chamber with “HIGH FLEX” technology to always ensure the perfect vacuum in an ultra sturdy chamber, vacuum packing machine at it’s best.

Thanks to a sensory vacuum system and a touch panel with 2 preset programs, the extremely easy to use tabletop vacuum sealer Evox 25H allows a maximum vacuum of 99.99% in the storage program.

There is an extra vacuum in the cooking program that is especially suited to intensifying flavours, aromas, and colours of products intended for sous-vide cooking.

Evox 25H perfectly packages products in bags or in practical, reusable containers.

The transparent tempered glass cover allows better product visibility during packing.

Evox 25H features: 4 sealing levels, H2Out pump dehumidification program, external vacuum accessory (Easy), 8 m3/h vacuum pump, and 260 mm long removable sealing bar.


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ORVED since 1984, has designed, manufactured and distributed cutting-edge vacuum machinesthermosealers, channelled bags, vacuum bags and accessories.

Innovation, technology and quality at your service have made us a Made-in-Italy excellence, recognised at worldwide level and present in 121 countries, as well as being the choice of the best international chefs.

Discover how the best chefs in the world guarantee the flavour of their dishes.


ORVED’s sustainability begins with the company production cycle and reaches your homes, thanks to the vacuum chamber machines with reduced environmental impact.

In addition, the machines designed by us are highly efficient, to protect the environment and in line with low consumption regulations. If you are looking for excellent and ecological products, they are the ideal choice.


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