Sterno SpeedHeat® hot food just add water

Sterno SpeedHeat – Safety, Speedy & an essential for any form of catering!


During this time when we are staying at home it can be difficult to get your groceries or even want to leave your home without a good enough reason, Sterno SpeedHeat is fabolous for safety and quick heating food so your if you are a food service this product would make you stand out with a quick heating system that is safe for the family and is very speed efficient. Catering services will find this an fantastic tool to assist with their service if it is home delivery or within events where speed is crucial. Overall the uses of the Sterno Speedheat can be unlimited.

Benefit your business by optimizing your catering menu and providing hotter, more delicious food for quick-serve events. No open flame means you don’t have to worry about inexperienced customers or employees serving hot food. Expand your drop-off catering service into locations with open flame restrictions such as churches, stadiums, casinos, historic buildings. Set-up and serve in minutes! Minimal parts provide a quick and easy set-up by the customer. 1 time use and disposable means no waiting around to pick-up equipment after the quick-serve event has ended. The kit includes: 8 bases, 8 trays, 16 pouches. We have an extensive range of speedheat items that may interest you just get in touch and we will advise you what the best is for your establishment.


  • Flameless heat for added safety
  • Just add water for instant, flameless heat that keeps food hot for up to 1 hour
  • Sets-up in seconds and holds (2) 1/2 size foil pans
  • Ideal for drop-off or pick-up catering programs; disposable design eliminates the need to pick-up equipment after the event
  • Recyle for fast clean-up, or reuse for a limited time with SpeedHeat Refills (sold separately)


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