SMARTMIX icecream multifunction machine!

SMARTMIX ICECREAM MULTIFUNCTION MACHINE is a combined multi-function machine, composed by 2 split and independent tanks. Each tank is provided with compressor & Inverter.

The SMARTMIX icecream multifunction machine upper tank can be used as boiler, pasteuriser, ageing vat, pasto-cooker or for the preparation of Pate à choux, Jellies, Jams, Marmalades, Yoghurt, “Panna cotta”, Mousse, Marshmallows, Nappage, Fresh cheese, “Béchamel sauce”, Rice for pastry, “Risotto”, Mush, Sauces, “Ragu”, perfect for making batter! It can contain 15 Litres of mix.

The lower tank is an horizontal batch-freezer with regulation “AD HOC” for the correct icecream consistency. The algorithm processed to control the agitator’s torque in Newtons per meter allows to obtain creamy, compact and dry ice-creams, and to regulate the gas supply as soon as the pre-set consistency has been reached.

The SMARTMIX icecream operator can decide to: pasteurise and mature the mix in the upper tank before moving the lower batch-freezer; heat up the mix in the upper tank and move it into the lower batch-freezer (thermal shock). The two tanks can work at the same time.

While in the upper tank you pasteurise or heat up, in the lower one you can make ice-creams or sorbets. The moving of the mix from the upper tank to the lower one is possible thanks to an external channel.

This way it is possible to fill the upper tank with the quantity of mix you need to batch in the lower one stabilizing each recipe one at a time (to make ice-creams using the thermal shock); or fill the upper tank with 15 Litres of mix to be pasteurised and matured (to make ice-creams using the traditional cycles).
Thanks to the external slide it is possible to remove the mix prepared in the upper tank without passing compulsorily through the lower tank.


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