Sanihands an essential to kill germs

Sanihands an essential tool in fighting germs & bacteria! Hand Sanitiser made easy.


Sanihands: built entirely in stainless steel making it an efficient robust piece of equipment.

This handy & practical nebulizer can be used in all cases where rapid & safe hand sanitization is required with effective results in irradicating those harmful germs and bacteria.

Simply place your hands (arms) under the nebulizer to automatically start the sanitizing process, which takes place by spraying the antibacterial liquid. The process stops automatically when the hands move away from the appliance, thus avoiding any waste or dispersion of sanitizing liquid.

Thanks to the nebulization the liquid is evenly distributed on the skin surface, facilitating absorption.

Sanihands must be used with the original sanitizing solution bottles (1 lt).
Electronic atomiser for a quick and safe sanitising of both hands and forearms.

This device allows to use the original bottles of sanitising liquid and avoids pouring the liquid in another container.

The main advantage offered by this atomiser is thedisinfection of hands as well as forearms . Built in Inox AISI 304 stainless steel.

Put your hands inside under the unit; the atomisation of the antibacterial solution automatically starts.

If not, move your hands up in order to activate the sensor. The sanitising dispensing will last until you keep your hands inside the opening. The machine can be even set up in order to stop the dispensing after a prefixed time.


Kills Germs

There are approximately 5,000 germs on your hand at any given time. Despite the generally held belief that cold germs are spread through sneezing and coughing, the majority of transmission comes from hand-to-hand contact and transfer of germs.  A working adult touches 30 objects in one minute.

Healthcare specialists consider hand hygiene as the single most effective way to prevent the transmission of disease.

Every day we all touch surfaces that harbour germs and bacteria.  Doors, petrol pumps, keyboards, the list is endless.  Germs are everywhere and their impact on the spread of illness should not be ignored.

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To wash your hands effectively follow the link for the NHS directions here: