Movilfrit oven Expertise



Movilfrit oven designs Since 1962, manufactures and commercializes products to meet needs of professionals of hospitality and catering sectors.

For over 50 years Movilfrit has been offering solutions for integral equipment of professional kitchens. Step by step our company was developing and extending our product range. Our business has grown steadily which has led us to be considered a benchmark in the catering sector. At present Movilfrit relies on a strong distribution network to offer individual approach to every customer’s request, ensure good after-sales service and build a long-term relationship.


Here at Halls Intl we are proud to provide a wide selection of Ovens, fryers & more from Movilfrit.


The charcoal oven is exceptional in its design and a hot pick of ours at the moment.

Ideal for any kitchen this floor standing charcoal oven will give your steaks, chicken, fish, and vegetables etc. that authentic charcoal flavor. Suitable for any type of charcoal.


The BR45 Charcoal movilfrit Oven is an exceptional piece of professional equipment as it comes with meat tongs, poker and one ribbed grate and one standard grate both in stainless steel. The charcoal oven has a cast steel interior which is fully insulated to prevent heat loss and save energy. The Neoceram glass door which is resistant to up to 750 degrees is not only lightweight but extremely robust. The door also has superb visibility to control the cooking chamber without having to open the door. Other features of the blaze charcoal oven include an ash drawer at the bottom and it has a fat collector at the front meaning you can keep your Blaze charcoal oven spotlessly clean. So as you can see the Blaze charcoal oven is a must for any kitchen wishing to serve authentic cuisine.



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