Model 400 DISPERATOR Waste Disposer For Sink

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  • Product Code:Model 400 DISPERATOR Waste Disposer For Sink
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Designed to meet the requirements for handling small amounts of food waste in commercial kitchens and galleys. The disposer grinds waste to a particle size that complies to MARPOL – regulations for discharging of food waste at sea. No welding is required for installing Model 400 into existing sink unit. A screw joint attachment is fitted into a 90mm drain hole in the bottom of the sink onto which the disposer is connected. Characteristics • Water connection – Not applicable. Existing water tap is used. • Flushing water control – Not applicable. Existing water tap is used. • Drain pipe – The slope of the drain must not be less than 2:100, preferably 5:100 • Ingress Protection Code: IP22

Specifications Dimensions Millimeters (mm) Diameter 205 Height 312 Capacity 100 kg/hr Rating 550 watts Voltage (Options) 110 – 120V / 1ø / 60Hz 220-240V / 1ø / 50-60Hz Net / Gross Weight 9 / 10 kg  .

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