Induction cooking?

Induction Cooking is innovative technology which is essential to the catering industry.

Introducing FLEX-Line table top units combine the functions cooking and heat retaining, thanks to innovative ideas and latest technologies. During daily business these functions can be switched easily, according to user request.
The most significant features at a glance:
intuitive “tip-and-turn”-control
Timer with switch-off function exactly adjusted heat retaining temperature controlled cooking with RTCSmp
autodetection of power supply 208 – 240V or 380 – 440V
maximum power reducible from 100% doen to 25%
automatic frequency control according to material of cookware
Scholl Flex Line Induction Table Top
FLEX Base 3.5 and 5: induction table unit, 1 hob
Induction tabletop unit. Housing made of stainless steel. Ceran field 372 x 349 x 4 mm,
with a hob. Coil diameter 220 mm. For cooking with 12 power levels
or to keep warm from 25 – 100 ° C. Timer with switch-off function.
Maximum performance from 100% to 25% reducible.

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