Imperial Fryers = Economical & better tasting food

Imperial Fryers

Imperial fryers are one of the best known & respected brand names of kitchen equipment. Improved taste and better economically for any business through their innovative design.

The snap acting electronic thermostat has a 93C – 204C temperature range that extends oil life and produces a uniformly cooked product.

The large cool zone under the element captures particles and holds them out of the fry zone this reduces unwanted transfer to taste.

The open frypot design is very easy to clean, Its deep sloping bottom creates a cold zone beneath the heat source that traps small particles and holds them out of the fry zone.

This keeps these particles from carbonizing – reducing flavor transfer and oil scorching – and increase the life of the cooking oil.

Also the robot welding of the fry pots virtually eliminates leaks. Radius formed edges precision welded robotically on the outside of the frypot for accuracy and consistency.


Since its inception in 1957, Imperial has remained a family-owned company whose mission is to be the preferred global supplier of high quality, top value cooking equipment to the foodservice industry.

Imperial utilizes highly skilled employees combined with innovative manufacturing processes.

Imperial continually invests in state-of-the-art technology and machinery as part of the commitment to future growth.

This provides enhanced efficiencies, lower production costs & consistent, top quality equipment available at Halls Intl. Check out their range here:

Give us a call and we will answer any questions you have on this range or products to suit your establishment.

We have an extensive range of fryers available.

Whether it is a chip shop or restaurant you are sure to be in good company with the imperial range.

Reliable and cost efficient is all you want from a fryer along with the latest innovative design to be sure safety is at its highest in your kitchen.