Hugentobler Combination steamer Practico Vision – Available with Halls Intl!

Steaming, roasting, regenerating, baking: a new era begins in your kitchen with the Practico Vision Plus. The intelligent combi steamer makes your work easier and saves your wallet: it is outrageously economical to run, requires amazingly little water and energy to operate and guarantees you maximum quality.
The Practico Vision Plus is part of the Schweizer Kochsysteme, developed with the heart and soul of a Swiss entrepreneurial family and 50 years of experience.

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  • Fits banquet systems for 40 plates

    More space for the same connected load: with its deepened cooking space, the 1011-XL version of the combi steamer fits banquet systems for the regeneration of 40 plates (e.g. Franke TLP / TCAP). That means: With a 1011-XL you can banquet 120 people!

    Active Cleaning – perfect and effortless cleaning


    The Practico Vision Plus cleans itself – and it is also economical: the water circulates with little fresh water supply and the cleaning agent in powder form dissolves immediately. There are five different programs of varying duration and intensity to choose from. With Active Cleaning you save around 30 minutes of working time a day compared to manual cleaning and you reduce the water and cleaning agent consumption many times over.

Extremely economical – protects operating costs and the environment


The integral system, the cooking space insulation, the triple-glazed door, the integrated heat exchanger, the water-saving system and active cleaning: all of this helps the Practico Vision Plus achieve impressive energy and water efficiency. Compared to its predecessor, the new combi steamer reduces energy consumption by up to 45% and water consumption by up to 100%. That saves operating costs and the environment considerably.

As easy to use as a smartphone

You have the Practico Vision Plus under control immediately: You simply select one of the three basic operating modes or one of the additional functions under “Extras” and then enter the required detailed functions. They are all represented with icons and exactly where you would intuitively expect them. For even faster operation, you can configure various user profiles or customize the icons on the start screen, in terms of color, size and position. It couldn’t be easier!

5 year Hugentobler guarantee – with free maintenance


You’ll be amazed: We will overhaul your Practico Vision Plus combi steamer for up to five years, including travel, labor and material costs – and it won’t cost you a cent. You have no unforeseen repair or service costs and production downtimes are reduced to a minimum. This is what we mean by the Hugentobler guarantee.

Combination steamer with integral system – savings included


The integral steam generation without a boiler ensures remarkable cost reductions in operation and maintenance. These savings alone will pay for the Practico Vision after 10 to 15 years.These are the advantages: better regeneration results, shorter heating-up times, extremely finely adjustable, saves energy and water, no lime in the device, costs little to maintain, cheaper components, lower connection value.

Lateral insertion – puts an end to dangerous situations


With the cross slide in the Practico Vision Plus, you can easily slide in the GN pans with one hand. The plates are not arranged one behind the other, but side by side. You have a perfect overview and access to two plates at the same time – without the risk of burns. Conclusion: full capacity with the same external dimensions.


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About Hugentobler 

family-run company – for 50 years.

The foundations of today’s firm were laid by Fredy Hugentobler in 1966. The company is, and will continue to be, 100% family-owned.

Our company is the market leader in the development, manufacture, training, sales and service of state-of-the-art commercial kitchen appliances and cooking systems.

We’re committed to production facility in Switzerland and manufacture equipment in this country wherever possible. Creating the most added value in our home country is part of our commitment to our social responsibility. We specialise in the design and installation of commercial kitchens for restaurants, hotels and catering and hospital food services industries.

We have around 120 staff based at six locations for our customers, and 30 trained chefs work every day in the kitchens of Switzerland and Germany.

Swiss precision.

Swiss Systems –the intelligent networking of devices and production types in order to enhance the quality of food. Establishments that work with us benefit from solutions you won’t find in any cookbook, which enhance the status of the chef’s profession and delight their guests.

When developing our cooking systems, we spent 50 years studying cooking techniques from the catering world, ranging from the fast food industry in the United States to the developers at Sous vide, the industrial frozen food company and Switzerland’s top chefs.

The aim was to explore what impacts the properties of food. We considered how products should be pre-prepared and processed so they can be efficiently prepared at a specific point in time without any drop in quality, and how food can be profitably improved and kitchen processes optimised.

The results speak for themselves: chefs are delighted with the professional shock freezing technology, the more attractive working schedule and increased flexibility when purchasing food. And guests are delighted when they don’t have to wait long to be served a hot meal with tender meat and tasty side dishes.