Hanson Brass 400 Series

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Create an inviting atmosphere and let customers know you have delicious, warm food ready with the Hanson Brass Range of decorative ceiling mount heat lamps in 4 different finishes.

Heat lamps for food need to be decorative and specialised to fit the food service operation. Heat Lamps should enhance the food display and keep displayed foods hot until ready to be served. Kitchen and buffet heat lamps should always be engineered for Teflon coated infrared bulbs, and need to be designed to transfer the perfect amount of heat to the food. Depending on your specific needs, food heat lamps can be freestanding, hanging from the ceiling or mounted to cutting boards. Kitchen heat lamps can also be mounted to a counter or tabletop. Freestanding and portable models are ideal for caterers or banquet halls because they can be easily moved when the service layout is changed for the next event. Hanging restaurant heat lamps and counter mounted heat lamps are ideal for static food display and service areas.

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