Hanson Heat Lamps style & functionality

Hanson Heat Lamps

Hanson culinary heat lamps will keep your most favourite meats, breads & more hot as you cut and serve them!

With a wide variety of lamps to choose from we will have a lamp to fit your establishment.

Hanson also have a fabulous range of carving stations built with granite surfaces and sneeze guards, they are sure piece to set your service off when carving any meat.

In this range there is also carving stations which feature two warming lamps and a tall stand to provide adequate clearance for you to cut up a delicious meal in front of your customers.

The natural granite base offers impressive durability, and it pairs well with the lamp to provide a sleek, modern appeal.

Thanks to its etched glass sneeze guard, the food you cut on this carving station is protected from airborne contaminants while maintaining a sophisticated appearance. Get your Hanson lamp here at hallsIntl:

About Hanson

Hanson Culinary Heat Lamps provide consistent, flame-less heat, maintaining food temperatures while improving the presentation of any dish. Originally founded and operated as Hanson Brass.

Hanson the company has specialized in providing Culinary Heat Lamps and Sneeze Guards for premium dining establishments all over the world.

We have continued to develop a full line of Freestanding and Hanging Culinary Heat Lamps which allow operators to enhance any dining experience.

Most orders ship in just a few days. All Hanson products are proudly made in the USA.


With the dual purpose of style and functionality.

Hanson culinary heat lamps are designed to enhance your Decor as well as your kitchen’s arsenal.¬†

Hanson’s range of lamps and the colour, design along with Hanson’s innovative creativity they look to improve all culinary establishments.

Visit HallsIntl & our heat lamp range with Hanson and other items you might like via our search tool or simply give us a call for an informal chat.