Hand Dryers needed!

Hand Dryers needed!

Hand dryers come in many different shapes sizes and options.

The main function of any dryer is to remove the bacteria on our hands as well as the washroom.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance in all environments!

It is crucial we have dryers especially in busy environments as often people will miss this if there are no free causing harmful bacteria to stay on your hands.

Hand dryers that use hot air often referred to as the most common option for getting rid of harmful bacteria.

There is options such as cold air hand dryers out there and energy efficient with filters and more.

When drying your hands you should not rub your hands together you should simply allow them to dry openly.

With our ANDA range of dryers you can get quick drying time with the most hygienic efficient results as well as an attractive design that will fit well in any establishment.

Our ANDA Hand Dryer range can be found here