Hand Dryer – needed now more than ever

Hand dryer to stop cross contamination along with less waster of towels etc.

Many washrooms  and facilities now have converted to air hand dryers due to a number of practical, environmental, financial and hygiene benefits.

The costs usually to purchase and install washroom hand dryer can mean that a business or establishment and many organisations are hesitant to update their facilities, unaware of the long term costs and the negative effect that staying with their current drying amenities this can have.

Air hand dryers aren’t as costly as most people think and their benefits far outweigh other alternative hand drying options.

Environmentally Friendly Hand Dryer

Air hand dryers are a lot more environmentally friendly way for people to dry their hands in toilet areas.

Paper towels are usually non-biodegradable which means they have to be incinerated or they end up in a landfill – neither of which is good for the environment. With new and improved technologies, air hand dryers are now more effective than ever at producing fast drying air, whilst using minimal electricity.

Cost Efficient Hand Dryer

For most short term, paper towels can seem like the better option, but long term costs don’t add up with a constant need to purchase more and pay for disposal. In addition to this, air hand dryers can last around 10 years so are a long term money saving solution.

On average annually  air hand dryers can be around 95% cheaper than paper towels – which could save you and your business thousands  every year! Along with helping the environment.


Paper towel dispensers often require the use of a handle. Touching a surface in a washroom that others have touched is extremely unhygienic considering you’ve just washed your hands and you could then need to open a bin to dispose of them. Paper towels are also one of the primary reasons for clogged toilets in bathrooms which is both unsanitary and potentially expensive.

With touch free, motion sensor activation, air hand dryers are a hygienic way to get hands dry without the need to touch potentially contaminated surfaces.


Paper towel dispensers need constant maintenance in busy washrooms to ensure that they are stocked up, that the bins are not overflowing causing cross contamination or germs being carried out on people shoes, the floors are not littered with them and that they aren’t blocking the toilets which can cost to be fixed by a plumber.

Air hand dryers are easy to manage and day to day they require little more than a wipe down during the regular cleaning schedule. Some dryers may require a filter change every 6 months or so but this depends on usage. Maintenance checks are recommended but these only need to be carried out once a year and are extremely simple.

A Better Bathroom Experience

In particular, for businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels and offices – a positive bathroom experience is extremely important. A modern, fast and effective air hand dryer is just one way to ensure that your washrooms don’t let you down.


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