Granite base for carving stations

Why Synthetic Granite?

Hanson Heat Lamps offers a variety of carving stations with a wide range of carving base options. For something all-purpose, you may want to consider our proprietary synthetic granite material for your carving station. It contains a balance of softness for your knives to prevent blade dulling and hardness to help resist surface scratches.  If the occasional light scratches do appear, a simple wipe down with mineral oil will typically make them near invisible. For deeper cuts, sanding is a viable option as the material stays consistent all the way through.

Functionality & Usage for Carving

Our synthetic granite is a beautiful material with a clean and smooth finish. It can retain a high temperature directly from the heat lamp to provide a warm cutting surface. This makes slicing into meats all the more enjoyable. All of our Hanson synthetic granite cutting boards are provided with a routed gravy lane to give a professional design. Many of the top restaurants choose granite base for carving stations for its functionality as well as it’s quality. The surface makes this a very easy and effective tool for speed and presentation when carving.


Synthetic granite base carving station is our most durable product available in this range. A granite base for your carving station will provide you with a longer life span because with general care maintenance is very low as granite is easy to clean with ordinary dish soap. The aesthetics and functionality, paired with extremely effortless care, easily make this one of our best products to date.Check them out!

We have a wide range of heat lamps and carving stations available in-store online, if there was a specific product you have in mind or would like to know size, measurements etc. just get in touch.