Immaculate & Glistening Glassware = BarMaid

BarMaid & Glassware

Bar Maid Corporation, known for its electric glass washers and bar supplies, has introduced the GP-100 Commercial Glass Polisher. An essential appliance for achieving sparkling, crystal clear glassware… fast.

Glassware that is dull and covered in water spots not only steals the wow factor from your place setting or beverage service, it can give the illusion that a glass is not truly clean and that is the last thing you want your customer to remember about their experience.

Polishing glassware by hand is time consuming for employees.

That is why Bar Maid, the company whose electric glass washers the hospitality industry has trusted for more than 50 years to clean their bar glassware, now offers a solution you can count on to make glassware sparkle.

The BarMaid Commercial Glass Polisher utilizes a warm air blower and soft microfiber polishing heads to simultaneously dry and polish all styles and sizes of glassware inside and out.

Users can polish up to 350 glasses per hour, saving time and labor cost over hand polishing and reducing the potential for sanitation issues and costly glassware breakage.

Designed for hotels, caterers, bars, restaurants, event venues and glassware rental companies. This glass polishing machine is lightweight and portable with a small footprint that fits just about anywhere.

The removable BarMaid polishing heads are hand or dish machine washable and easily reinstalled without tools.

A polishing head specifically shaped for champagne glasses is also available.

Hospitality businesses using the Commercial Glass Polisher report a better result than hand polishing. Iincreased efficiency would allow them to quickly recoup their investment in the glass polishing machine.


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