Gaser – Bread & batter! NOW AVAILABLE


Gaser In 1985 the company entered the sector of machinery for the food industry and started manufacturing a small machine to make hamburgers. Since then, we have constantly developed new machinery to offer solutions to our clients’ needs.

During the 1990s, the brand expanded internationally, extending its operations into various countries all over the world.

INDUSTRIAS GASER SL is still an expanding family business, run by the second generation and present in five continents. It remains faithful to its roots, comprising offering the most simple, effective and economical technology.

Here at Halls Intl we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest innovative machinery in the catering sector, any queries on items or help with deciding your next purchase please give us a call and we will advise what is best suited to your establishment.

The Gaser Mini Batter and Breading Machine can process up to 3000 pieces per hour. It operates at an adjustable speed of between 9 to 15m per minute. Made from stainless steel and non-toxic plastics, this compact device is economical and easy to maintain. Notable features include an inverter for discharging bread, a blower for excess liquid, a belt which facilitates the removal of excess bread and a support for trays at exit.

The S1200c Semi-Automatic Burger Former produces up to 40 hamburgers per minute. Made entirely from stainless steel, it can accommodate burgers that weigh up to 130 grams. A versatile machine that. Produces 108mm round hamburgers or 122 x 90mm oval hamburgers. Gaser machinery is designed for strength and durability.

The batter and breading machines come in different capacities and models to suit most. Due to very