Doughpro Pizza & more!


You might be mistaken for thinking that you can only produce pizza from a stone hearth oven, oh how wrong that could be! Unlike some type specific ovens, the Doughpro ProLuxe oven offers so much versatility to your menu creation.

Anyone who has used a stone hearth oven knows that it can be a multi-skilled cooking appliance.

It can replace your Salamander, cook top, grill, griddle, oven, pizza oven, bread oven, smoker and plate warmer..

All kinds of breads, such as rolls, focaccia and breadsticks can be achieved with an adjustment to the temperature.

Baked Oyster with Rocket Pesto; Calamari & Herb Salad; Whole Roasted Portobello Mushrooms & Persian Fetta, or Tomato, Olive & Sage Tart.

You can make seafood dishes such as Moules Marinière, Grilled Prawn Bruschetta and Rocket Pesto, Prawns with Citrus Infusion, even Oven Roasted Bouillabaisse for something really different.

ProLuxe ovens offer the only purpose built in oven char-grill-with 2 (25mj) gas burners underneath- located in the oven cavity giving double the cooking power to grill food in minutes.

Choice cuts of meat such as New York Sirloin, Lamb Fillets or Pork Cutlets are lusciously grilled to perfection.

The oven is also capable of producing a traditional Cassoulet simmered in a ceramic pot, a roasted Duck taking on a mouth watering golden hue or a sautéing pan with Pumpkin and Sage Gnocchi to name but a few examples.

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Many popular pasta dishes such as Lasagne can be baked in the oven while other favourites such as ravioli, cannelloni, tortellini can be portioned into individual servings, placed into ceramic oven proof dishes and finished in oven.

By keeping some black iron pans in the oven you can reheat blanched vegetables & wilt spinach in a little oil or butter as fresh side dish. Alternatively you can roast or sauté any variety of vegetables.

Fruit pies, Apple and Raspberry Crumble, Poached Pear in red wine, dessert pizzas, baked fruit gratins and bread pudding are all winners served hot from the Stone Hearth oven.