Deko, 834 EPB Stacker, automatic cutting machine

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  • Product Code:Deko, 834 EPB Stacker, automatic cutting machine
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Automatic straight slicing machine

  • From wafer-thin slices to 5 mm slices
  • Fully automatic slicing, stacking and arranging as tiles
  • Integrated sharpening unit; fast and easy sharpening of the blade
  • Options: available with a Teflon layer
  • Available with a conveyor and/or mobile table

The DeKo 834 EPB is a fully electronically controlled cutting machine that is suitable for cutting meat products.

With this machine you can stack slabs neatly on top of each other as well as lay them in tiles.
Programming the slice thickness, the cutting speed, the stacking, the double stacking and the tile installation.
From wafer-thin slices to 5 mm slices.
The DeKo 834 EPB Stacker is suitable for cutting meat and sausage products, ham and bacon, roulades.

The construction of the 834 EPB Stacker cutting machine is such that it switches off when the mains voltage is interrupted. The machine remains switched off when the mains voltage is restored.
The cutting machine also switches off automatically as soon as the meat table is placed in the cleaning position or the grinder is removed from the 'no grinding' position. The blade only rotates during a cutting or grinding program. The cutting machine is also equipped with an emergency stop.
The cutting
The meat table is equipped with a meat clamp with handle. With this meat clamp you can safely and easily fix the product to be cut in the desired position.
By using the residual container built into the meat clamp, you can effortlessly cut up short pieces of cut material that can no longer be held with the clamp on top of the cut product.
Cut quality
With the DeKo 834 EPB Stacker cutting machine, any desired thickness between 0.5 and 5 mm can be set without any problems thanks to an accurate thickness indication in the display
Built-in grinder
Characteristic of all DeKo cutting machines - including the DeKo 834 EPB Stacker - is, among other things, the built-in sharpener, which is completely recessed in the knife seat. With one simple movement of the hand, you can switch smoothly from cutting to grinding mode. The grinder is integral with the machine and can therefore not be lost or damaged by falls.

Technical data :
  • cutting capacity round products: 140 mm Ø
  • cutting capacity of square products: 140x140 mm
  • cutting capacity rectangular products: 200x140 mm


MaterialStainless steel
Cutting thickness0.5-5 mm
Mes plaatsingStraight
Ingebouwd slijpapparaat
Weight93 kg
Warranty1 jaar
Warranty typeCarry-in warranty
Width623 mm
Depth773 mm
Height579 mm
Diameter of knife296 mm
Wattage230 V

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