Charcoal ovens to enhance the flavour

CHARCOAL OVENS for meats, pizza & more.


The great thing about charcoal ovens is that it burns very hot, way hotter than a gas grill can while cooking. Charcoal is almost pure carbon and that means lots of energy being emmited.

Here’s how the process works. The plant starts with sawdust and other little wood bits left over from lumber mills, cooking the stuff at super high temperatures but with little oxygen so it doesn’t ignite. That process burns off water and other compounds, leaving the carbon. This they combine with binders and other additives, then form the mixture into those characteristic pillows. In your grill, these briquettes will burn cleaner and more evenly without those volatile compounds. See that uniform glow… Good. And no smoke, Even better.

Ironically enough, it’s the volatile compounds in the food, not in the briquettes, that are responsible for charcoal grilling’s distinct flavors. As the meat heats up, it releases drippings that strike the super-hot charcoal and combust with a burst of flame. Those drippings are full of fats and oils and sugars and proteins that vaporize and rise back up into the meat whence they came

That’s how grilling over charcoal gives you that wonderful flavor. The briquettes themselves are just middlemen in charcoal ovens, not the flavor-makers. The more you drip, the more the flavor builds.

If you want to get really fancy with it, consider scattering a few plain wood chips on top of the coals. These won’t burn as ferociously hot as the coals, but the upside is they retain all the lovely compounds that the briquettes lost during carbonization. As vapor, hundreds of these compounds interact with each other and the meat to impart that classic barbeque flavor.

So fire up those coals and grab the nearest sharp object: Someone is either going to steal your food or demand you use a gas grill instead.

While cooking with charcoal there will be a unique nostalgic smell and taste from the food will spread.  Nowadays different kinds of charcoal have been used for cooking with the differentiation of their characteristics. You can find the difference of taste while grilling with wood chips instead of charcoal from food. Even there are light and thick charcoals are available on the market to users based on the purposes.


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The Movilfrit BR130 Charcoal Oven


Cast iron steel interior

Fully insulated to save energy and prevent heat loss

Robust and lightweight door fitted with Neoceram glass resistant up to 750º C

Designed with excellent visibility to control cooking chamber without need of opening the door

With elevation system of the charcoal platform, which permits the control of the intensity of cooking

Suitable for any type of charcoal

We recommend our coconut shell charcoal for its high performance and long lasting

Front ash drawer for easy cleaning

Removable front grease drawer

Built-in fire breaker inside the oven

Fitted with thermometer


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