CAN-600 Precision Cannabis Scale

Edlund is excited to introduce our new precision measurement Cannabis scale. With a capacity of 600 grams and graduations as precise as 0.1 gram, this new scale offers a multitude of high-end features plus the flexibility to perform other weighing tasks when required. Programmable weighing options include decimal ounces as well as decimal pounds. Its rugged all stainless-steel construction and patented technology will provide years of reliable use. Plus, with the included CE approved power supply and 4AA batteries already installed, this scale is ready to use right out of the box. To be blunt, we believe you won’t find a better or more reliable, multi-purpose Cannabis scale anywhere.


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CAN-600 Precision Cannabis Scale


For 95 years, Edlund has been on the cutting edge of kitchen equipment–- providing foodservice and food processing customers worldwide with quality solutions that take today’s operations to the next level. Known for innovation, our scales have earned best in class 14 times, and our small wares and kitchen prep equipment have been recognized repeatedly for excellence in product design and cutting-edge innovation. This exclusive item is on sale now the CAN-600 Precision Cannabis Scale.

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