Advantages of vacuum packing food

Vacuum Packing

A lot of food is vacuum packed, especially because vacuum packing extends the shelf life.  Meat, game, poultry, fish, dairy products, cheese, soups or ready meals? Bulk or individual products? We always have the right machine for your specific wishes and requirements.

Advantages of vacuum packing food:

• No contamination or bacteria’s multiplication, hence an extended shelf life resulting in:
– cost savings (larger purchasing orders, efficient cooking time spreading and diminution of products losses)
– turnover increase (more variation and spread in product range)

• Optimal product and storage hygiene (hermetically sealed)

• No loss of product (prevents drying out, moulds and freeze burn)

• Improved product quality (product maturing in packaging, no loss of aroma)

• Professional product presentation

• Optimal packaging contributes to food safety and HACCP standards .


Our machines prove to be of excellent service in the catering industry worldwide.

Vacuum packing offers many advantages in the catering industry, which also often lead to saving on costs. You will find a summary of the most important advantages below:

Advantages of vacuum packing in the catering industry:

  • Longer shelf life: depending on the product and its freshness the shelf life can increase by a factor of between 2 and 6. Therefore a lot less food gets thrown away.
  • Because of the longer shelf life the catering company can buy in larger amounts of food at more competitive prices. Hence transport costs fall.
  • By preparing and portioning food in advance, you can more easily capture peaks in business. This leads to better personnel organisation in the kitchen and savings in costs.
  • Vacuum packing promotes hygiene; after all nothing is coming into or going out of the package. With vacuum packing the fridges stay cleaner and have to be cleaned less often. As well as this, you can use the space in the fridge more efficiently, because different types of products may be put on the same shelf.
  • Products don’t dry out, thus weight and taste are maintained.
  • The tenderness of the meat is improved. While the meat is stored in the vacuum, essentially the maturing process continues
  • Consumer and industrial goods.

    An airtight package also has many advantages for consumer and industrial goods.

    In different branches people know that an airtight package also has numerous advantages for non food- products. Therefore there is a huge diversity of products which are vacuum packed. There’s a good reason why renowned companies like Cartier, Peugeot and Laboratoires Boiron use our machines to provide their products with optimum packaging.

    Advantages of vacuum packing in industry

    • Protection and volume reduction.
    • External dirt and dust are kept out.
    • The airtight package delays corrosion and keeps moisture out of the product.
    • Scratches and chafing during transport are prevented.
    • Certain plastics and rubber don’t dry out in the airtight package.
    • Composite packages are guaranteed complete.
    • Saving on storage and transport costs.
    • A vacuum pack prevents fraud.

    Possibilities for packing in a clean room

    • The vacuum pump is put outside the clean room.
    • An extension outlet can be placed on the machine’s pump.
    • To be combined with a Busch dry running pump with no oil-polluted air emissions.

    Safe storage for every branch

    • Museums – valuable unique objects.
    • Police – evidence containing DNA material.
    • Jewellers – silver jewellery stored without discolouration.
    • Dental technology – safe storage and transport of moulds and prosthetics.
    • Chemical – harmful materials are safely stored.
    • Textile – less volume, no moisture, no insects in the clothing.

Sous-vide cooking.

This cooking technique is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

Sous-vide (vacuum cooking) is a simple & effective method of culinary preparation using controlled temperatures adapted for every ingredient.

Invented 40 years ago in France by renowned Chef George Pralus, this revolutionarytechnology based on underwater submersion of vacuum-sealed bags in controlled temperatures is suitable for small to large-scale food production as one of the
most cost‐efficient methods for high‐quality culinary preparation, including meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, pastry, sauces & condiments for main dishes & desserts.

From small to large enterprises, single serving or batch cooking, sous-vide is affordable and fast. Attractive prices and low maintenance offer professional chefs superior value for money, providing faster return on initial investment.


Achieve Consistently High-Quality Results for All Stages of Food Preparation
• Cooking
• Pasteurization
• Conservation
• Regeneration

Vacuum Packing creates Long-Lasting 100% Natural & Flavorful Cooking
• Fresh ingredients cook in own juices for healthier dishes
• Ultimate tenderness & freshness with controlled temperatures & moisture
• Consistent weight & taste with no additives or preservatives needed
• Conservation of natural vitamins & minerals
• Low-fat food preparation
• Versatile process perfect for meats, fish & vegetables
• Perfect for pastry & fruit poaching
• Protective sealed bags prolong ingredients’ shelf life

Save Time with Simple & Rapid Technology
• Advanced preparation for faster production
• Batch cooking for cleaner, quicker work
• Pre-set cooking temperatures & time require minimal attention
• Space-saving, easy‐to‐clean equipment & tools
• Disposable vacuum bags for simple one-time use

Save Money with Cost-Efficient Methods
• Low start-up cost for equipment & supplies with quick return on investment
• Food waste minimized with longer shelf life of ingredients
• Lower operational costs with fewer plates, pots & pans used
• Streamlined management of product inventory
• Lower food purchase price with large quanlity food preparation
• Less food shrinkage for maximum product yield

Reduce Kitchen Stress with Optimized Food Preparation
• Better staff organization
• Smoother kitchen operations
• More consistent, error-free food quality

Minimize Risk of Food Contamination with Hygienic Process
• Safer food handling method limits exposure to air & human interaction
• Maximum protection in sealed bags reduces aerobic bacteria danger
• Easy stocking of vacuum-packed items on same shelf
• Optimal product stocking limits transfer of odors
• Trackable food history to ensure product freshness.

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